Light Shines On Cleveland After 100 Years

Call me Cleveland proud. My city may not have winning sports teams and we still have to deal with jokes about our lake catching on fire, but there is a lot to love about Cleveland. It's the home of many great manufacturers – pillars of industry that have pushed the nation forward in technology and innovation.

Continuing to shine the light on Cleveland is GE. Preparing for its 100th anniversary of Nela Park – an industrial park located on the shores of Lake Erie (which hasn't seen a flame since the 1970s, thank you very much)  – GE Lighting dug up a time capsule that housed artifacts from 1912 including a Plain Dealer newspaper, a photo of the GE board of directors at the time and five century-old light bulbs. To the diggers delight, one of the bulbs still worked.

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Traci Purdum
Senior Digital Editor

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