Forget 5S, Raccoons Can Help Create A World-Class Facility

In theory, everything will work as planned. It's not until a system is tested that manufacturers can be certain their processes are sound. Even better, an unexpected "test" to the system will expose all chinks in the process chain.

Enter Rocky Raccoon. According to Industry Safety And Security Source, a raccoon found its way into electrical equipment at the Delaware City, Del., refinery knocking a number of units offline, causing a large flaring incident in early December.

According to the article, when the refinery goes offline, pressure can build up. To relieve that pressure, the gas goes to the flare to protect the equipment, refinery workers, and those in the surrounding community. Most safety systems worked as designed. But not everything went as expected. A backup generator failure resulted in the system's community information line failing to alert the public about events at the facility. Obviously, these failures will be investigated and rectified to make the process that much better for the next "test."

As for the raccoon, the article doesn't disclose his condition, but I suspect he met the same end as the original Rocky Raccoon

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Traci Purdum
Senior Digital Editor

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