Chemical Worker's Song on YouTube

While searching for interesting YouTube videos that pertain to the chemical processing industry, Faith Dalton, district sales manager for Chemical Processing, forwarded the following video from the band Great Big Sea to Editor Mark Rosenzweig and me.

It's titled "Chemical Worker's Song (Process Man)" and from what I gather from the lyrics, it's about the petrochemical industry. The lyrics aren't the most upbeat ("Well I've worked among the splitters and I breathe the oily smoke I've shoveled up the gypsum and it neigh 'on makes you choke.") But if you're like me, you enjoy any song that mentions your profession.

Turns out that Mark is a fan of Great Big Sea. He even sent me a CD -- so along with this song, I have the band's haunting sound running through my head at any given moment.

Listen to the live version here >>

View the studio version with a completely irrelevant video playing in the background >>

Traci Purdum,
Senior Digital Editor