Celebrating Achievements In Chemistry

I love celebrations. Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day and soon we will be celebrating Independence Day.

Imagine my excitement when I checked my e-mail to find a reminder that the United Nations has proclaimed 2011 the International Year of Chemistry (IYC). (The original proclamation came December 2008.)

The intent of the yearlong celebration is to emphasize chemistry's achievements, contributions and service to humanity.

“The International Year of Chemistry will give a global boost to chemical science in which our life and our future are grounded. We hope to increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry, increase young people’s interest in science, and generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry,” declared the President of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, professor Jung-Il Jin.

The year 2011, the 100th anniversary of the award of the Nobel Prize in chemistry to Madame Maria Sklodowska Curie, will also provide an opportunity to celebrate the contribution of women to science.

The only bummer about the celebration is that it is 18 months away. So to appease my impatient nature, I want to hear from you right now.

What achievements in chemistry do you think should be highlighted during the yearlong celebration?

I will compile comments for a future column in Chemical Processing magazine. Think of it as a pre-IYC celebration.

Traci Purdum,
Senior Digital Editor, ChemicalProcessing.com