Cartoon Caption Winner: Pop Culture Provides Laughs

I find it interesting how social media has taken a firm hold on society. Even my 72-year-old mother knows about Twitter and Tweets – which is saying a lot because she doesn't usually care much about technology. And popular culture confuses her. Case in point:  Regarding last season's "Dancing With The Stars," she told me the reason 83-year-old actress Cloris Leachman looks so good for her age is because she does pilots every day.

I had to think about this statement for a minute. . . did she mean that Cloris was keeping herself in shape by staring in television pilots? Or was Cloris Leachman one of those women whom pious pillars of society warn you about? Then it dawned on me – she meant Pilates (the fitness discipline).

We had a good laugh over the blunder. And speaking of laughs – the reason for this post is to inform you that we have crowned another winner in the Comical Processing cartoon caption contest.


Traci Purdum, Senior Digital Editor






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Submitted by A. K. Shettle Jr. of Dallas

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