A Survey for the Kitchen Sink?

Every now and then, I fantasize about remodeling my outdated kitchen. One day I began browsing Lowes.com to see just how much a brand-new kitchen would cost. It wasn't long before I got a pop-up message from the Website asking me to please take their latest survey. With some idle time on my hands, I thought, "Why not?"

The survey asked questions such as - How soon do you plan to remodel? and Will you hire a contractor? It also included questions to gauge my familiarity and preference towards certain brands, as well as other home-remodeling stores. While these particular questions were clearly for Lowe's to determine how they rank among their competitors and whether they were providing the right products for customers, I gleaned some information that benefited me too.

For instance, I learned that Lowe's considers Ikea a competitor. I hadn't thought of looking into Ikea's kitchen offerings, so after completing the survey, I started browsing their site. I also checked out several of the brands - many I hadn't heard of - that were mentioned in the Lowe's survey. Thanks to the questionnaire, I was able to broaden my options.

If you're not a fan of taking surveys, you're missing out on a real opportunity not only to voice your opinion, but to gain new insight about technology leaders. Chemical Processing's Reader's Choice survey is one such opportunity you don't want to miss.

Every year Chemical Processing calls upon readers to tell us what companies are "getting it right." If you haven't already, head over to the Reader's Choice survey for 2011 and join hundreds of others in selecting your favorite vendors in 47 different categories. In addition, don't forget to provide feedback on what makes your favorite vendors stand out from the crowd. Your input could provide valuable insight to companies looking to improve their products to better meet the needs of customers like you.

Then, in the July issue of Chemical Processing, see how your choices compare with those of your peers. You may also find new brands or companies you weren't aware of - or willing to consider in past years.

Further, you're participation means you have the chance to win an 8GB iPod Touch - a token of our appreciation for taking this year's survey.

I still fantasize about remodeling my kitchen; it's a slow, piece-meal process, but I'm happy to report that soon I'll have a new kitchen sink.

Amanda Joshi
Managing Editor