Production Control System Includes Wireless Route for Remote Monitoring

July 18, 2013
The system includes enhanced batch functions.

Yokogawa Electric Corp. has released the Centum VP R5.03, an enhanced version of the company’s flagship production control system platform. The updated system includes a WAC router that enables a Centum VP system to remotely monitor and control equipment over a wide area network (WAN) using public communication lines and satellite links.

The WAC router provides the same reliability and security as the Vnet/IP control network that is used with Yokogawa production control systems. It compensates for limited bandwidth and transmission delays by prioritizing communications based on data type and target. For added reliability, the router has dual redundant communication modules.

The system also includes enhanced batch functions. The Centum VP R5.03 batch package is based on ISA-88 and has enhanced functions that allow greater flexibility when accommodating changes in production procedures. In addition, the system can be integrated with intelligent electric devices. Centum VP R5.03 supports the IEC 61850 communication protocol, which has been widely adopted in the electric power industry and manufacturing industries that operate processes with extensive electrical equipment and machinery.

The system also includes an eight-loop operation keyboard. A new keyboard has been released with sets of dedicated function keys that can be used to simultaneously adjust eight control loops. For graphic, alarm and trending operations, there are also dedicated control keys, operation confirmation keys, window call-up keys, a total of 64 special function keys, and keys for alarm acknowledgement and key locking. This keyboard has been designed to make it easier for plant operators to perform their tasks.