Industrial Energy Management System Integrates Existing, Disparate Energy Components

Dec. 13, 2013
System includes improved visualization capability and support for larger device counts.

GE announced the latest version of its industrial energy management solution, Power Management Control System version 7 (PMCS v7.0). PMCS v7.0 is an integrated energy management system designed to help industrial customers improve their energy efficiency.

PMCS v7.0 features improved visualization capability and support for larger device counts and newer versions of devices. The PMCS v7.0 also is designed to integrate existing, disparate energy components to establish a baseline for an effective energy management strategy. In addition, it can manage rising energy costs by optimizing energy use of assets during peak demand periods.

Other features include the ability to use data visualization to make faster decisions for day-to-day operations; analyze asset status and energy trends with intelligently aggregated device and system information; remotely optimize device performance; and consolidate information about disturbances to improve power quality on the electrical network.