Electrode Sensors Measure pH Levels in Highly Viscous Samples

June 17, 2007

Mettler Toledo InLab pH Electrode sensors make fast pH, ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen measurements possible. The models complete the company's InLab portfolio; broadening the scope of available pH applications which range from routine measurements to specialist applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, food technology, cosmetic, biological or any number of other laboratory or production facilities.

The company offers a number of solutions for the most commonly encountered problem with pH measurements; the contaminated reference junction. Whether you prefer the tried and tested technology of the Argenthal reference system, the Xerolyt polymer electrolyte or the revolutionary SteadyForce reference system, the choice is yours.

The InLabViscous was especially designed for pH measurements in highly viscous samples or samples that tend to carry over. The SteadyForce reference system guarantees a constant outflow of electrolyte even in the greasiest and stickiest of samples, such as cosmetics, paints or resins. The InLabViscous turns measuring one of the most difficult sample types into a routine application.