Quantify the Effectiveness of Bearing Isolators When Applied to Rotating Equipment

May 14, 2008

The Inpro/Seal Company introduces the Return On Investment Calculation Worksheet. An Excel spreadsheet module, the worksheet allows users of pumps and motors to quantify the effectiveness of bearing isolators when applied to rotating equipment. Once completed, it allows plants to calculate their own return on investment relative to the use of bearing isolators, including benchmarks of current repair costs and the effect of doubling the reliability of their rotating equipment. The end user plugs in their respective numbers to benchmark the amount of repairs and maintenance dollars saved by installing bearing isolators. Data entered includes number of pumps and motors in operation at the plant, bearing isolator per-unit costs and the average meantime between failures. The worksheet then calculates the actual costs of the bearing isolators, taking meantime between failures and previous maintenance histories into consideration. It also provides information such as accumulated savings, return on investment, total investment, net return, data for life-cycle costing, the use of more efficient motors and the net costs to select them for more efficiently. The Return On Investment Calculation Worksheet can be downloaded free of charge at www.inpro-seal.com.