LCD Touchpad Makes Information Retrieval, Configuration, Tuning and Troubleshooting Faster and Easier

Jan. 19, 2009
Emerson Process Management introduces an LCD Touchpad interface for its FloBoss Flow Manager

Emerson Process Management has introduced an easy-to-use, panel-mounted LCD Touchpad interface for its FloBoss Flow Manager family of natural gas and liquid flow computers. The LCD Touchpad makes information retrieval, configuration, tuning and troubleshooting faster than ever without the need for an external local operator interface. The LCD Touchpad is transreflective for high visibility even in bright sunlight and is backlit for night viewing. It is currently available for the FloBoss 107 Flow Manager.

The LCD Touchpad is weather resistant and mounts directly to the front of the FloBoss 107’s environmental enclosure. It gives users the flexibility to view and enter configuration and operating parameters and perform diagnostics without the need for an external local operator interface, such as a laptop. Users can browse through lists or screens and enter numeric values by simply touching the screen. Access is controlled by personal identification numbers and security levels that are assigned in ROCLINK 800.

The LCD Touchpad identifies the type of module installed in each module slot. As modules are added or changed, the graphical display automatically updates and provides the appropriate configuration information for each module. 

Operators can easily detect and troubleshoot integrity and alarm conditions when using the LCD Touchpad. This is the first product of its kind to provide device-guided diagnostics to assist operators in troubleshooting and problem solving. The first notice of a problem is a red alarm LED located on the unit’s bezel that illuminates whenever an alarm or integrity condition occurs.  Simultaneously, a flashing asterisk (*) on the main screen identifies the next screen to access.  The flashing asterisk continues on each successive screen until the exact integrity or alarm problem is identified.

The LCD Touchpad works in conjunction with the Dynamic Interface feature of ROCLINK 800, the configuration software used with the FloBoss 107. Dynamic Interface offers a new way of graphically configuring the FloBoss 107 and provides enhanced diagnosis of integrity and alarm conditions, the same as the LCD Touchpad. This commonality between user interfaces makes operation of the FloBoss 107 simpler, faster and consistent.

A powerful charting capability lets users graph real-time and historical data. The graphical presentation of data gives operators information they need to monitor, adjust, and troubleshoot their process quickly and easily while on-site. Hourly and daily historical data may be configured for charting.