Differential Air Pressure Transmitters Are Available in Three Models with Selectable Ranges

Feb. 2, 2009
AIC launches the WS-TPDPT7 series of differential air pressure transmitters

Amalgamated Instrument Co. (AIC) has unveiled a series of differential air pressure transmitters, the WS-TPDPT7. These transmitters offer great flexibility in their ranges and outputs and are suitable for a range of applications.

The WS-TPDPT7 transmitters are available in three models with selectable ranges.

  • The high accuracy model measures ranges from 0-25Pa to 0-100Pa (four selectable ranges)
  • The standard model measures ranges from 0-50pa to 0-2500Pa (eight selectable ranges)
  • The high pressure model measures ranges from 0-5000Pa to 0-10000Pa (six selectable ranges)

The WS-TPDPT7 range of air differential pressure transducers is designed for applications in ventilation/air conditioning systems, filter monitoring, building pressurisation and air leak detection systems. The transmitters employ a solid state compensated pressure cell with microprocessor to provide superior linearity, measurement accuracy and sensitivity.

The WS-TPDT7 incorporates zero pressure calibration at the touch of a button and provide multiple ranges with a ± option defined by user selection switches.

The three main models have outputs of 0-5VDC or 0-10VDC with 4-20mA. The output voltage range is switch selectable. An optional LCD display is available. The standard models are rated at IP51 and an optional IP65 enclosure is available. Each transmitter is provided with two meters of tubing and two duct pilot fittings.