New Software Enhances SCADA, Scalability and User Productivity

March 2, 2009
Wonderware announces InTouch 10.1 and Wonderware System Platform 3.1

Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys, has announced the release of Wonderware System Platform 3.1 and InTouch 10.1, featuring distributed SCADA, scalability and user productivity enhancements to the Wonderware core software platform and flagship visualization HMI offerings. Wonderware System Platform 3.1 offers benefits for users needing highly distributed, networked software solutions. 

In addition to scalability from 250 to an excess of 1 million I/O points, highly distributed applications can be optimized for peak performance over networks ranging in size and speed. New configuration options also are available, making Wonderware System Platform software easier for users to engineer pilot projects and roll out applications across multiple locations. In addition to the product functionality updates, Wonderware System Platform 3.1 extends the flexibility and configurability of the Wonderware Historian, offering more options to optimize storage for analysis of information from historical data.

InTouch 10.1 builds on the InTouch 10.0 software and delivers on increased operations productivity with new features that have been most requested by customers. New .NET controls provide flexible trending and alarm management capabilities. Enhancements in internationalization enable a single application to be created and then reused by personnel in locales around the globe.

Users are taking advantage of Wonderware System Platform to update the functionality of their existing plants, integrating and extending the life of legacy systems without the need to expensively re-engineer subsystems which are proven and operational. The open, industry standards-based ArchestrA technology inside the Wonderware System Platform and InTouch HMI software delivers the flexibility and extensibility needed by customers to address their strategies for lean operational excellence.