Operator Interface Enables Communication Between Devices

March 16, 2009
Red Lion announces the G3 Kadet Operator Interface Series

Red Lion Controls, Inc. introduces the G3 Kadet Operator Interface Series. Based on the company's G3 line of touchscreen HMIs, the G3 Kadet Series delivers a value-based alternative solution for applications that don’t require FTP access, data logging and web server capabilities. Featuring the essential interface and connectivity features of the G3 Series, as well as the same rugged construction and easy-to-use interface, the G3 Kadet Series delivers a cost-effective solution for enabling simple communications between multiple devices and protocols in a broad range of OEM and machine monitoring and control applications.

The G3 Kadet Series features a color TFT display and is available in three sizes: 4.3 inches, 5.6 inches and 8 inches. All models come standard with one RS-232 port and one RS-232/422/485 port and support over 170 different protocols. Additionally, the 5.6-inch and 8-inch models include a third RS-232/422/485 serial port and integrated Ethernet, allowing simultaneous communication with up to seven device types, including PLCs, PCs, drives, PID controllers and more.

G3 Kadet Series operator interface terminals deliver protocol conversion and data acquisition tools for efficient process monitoring and control. Plus, these HMIs can be simply configured with free Red Lion Crimson software that features drag-and-drop data mapping and extensive libraries of pre-configured device drivers and graphical elements.