Liquid Vortex Flow Sensor Features High Accuracy and Low Cost

Nov. 2, 2009

Clark Solutions recently announced the availability of a new family of liquid vortex flow sensors. DN Series Vortex Flow Sensors are designed specifically for equipment manufacturers as an excellent choice for system flow monitoring and control. Combining both high accuracy and low cost, DN Series Flow Sensors are accurate to 1% fs of measured value and are available for less than $100 in quantity.

Suitable for water & water glycol based heat exchange systems (with the usual additives) and other fluids, current DN Series models are suitable for flow ranges from 0.9 to 150 liters per minute (0.24 to 39.6 GPM).

DN Series Liquid Vortex Flow Sensors operate on the principle of Kármán's vortex trail. Named after Theodore von Kármán's mathematical description of the phenomenon, vortex-shedding flow meters present the flow in a pipe with an obstruction/bluff in the flow meter body. As velocity increases, alternating vortices are formed on each side of the bluff body and travel downstream.  DN series flow sensors utilize piezoelectric sensors embedded in an ETFE vane located downstream of the bluff to detect the generated vortices. The frequency measured represents the flow velocity. The result is a temperature insensitive measurement of flow with minimal pressure loss. A flow factor is provided to convert frequency to volume flow rate for each model size.  Versions with a 1000 Ohm RTD temperature sensor built-in to the bluff are available, providing direct temperature measurement in the medium.