Change Management Software

Feb. 1, 2010

GE Intelligent Platforms recently announced the availability of its new SmartStart for Proficy Change Management, a packaged software and services solution that is designed to get users started quickly with the company’s award-winning asset management software solution. Proficy Change Management helps organizations assess, monitor, manage, control, and lower, project and maintenance costs associated with software and device management. In addition, by providing traceability and notification of changes, it drives increased efficiency of personnel, and as a result, productivity. SmartStart delivers functionality in a low-risk, extremely rapid manner by using a proven, template- based approach to implementing automated change management in plant systems.

“Across industries, companies are faced with increasing safety, reliability and regulatory compliance requirements,” said Claire Cerrato, General Manager, Automation Software for GE Intelligent Platforms. “Yet many operations, facilities and/or utilities lack the tools to adequately manage changes in the mission-critical software that controls their processes. All too often, changes are made by unauthorized users, without the benefit of an audit trail, or plants suffer additional downtime during backup recovery when the wrong software version is loaded. Beyond the added costs, real safety and product quality situations can arise when interlocks are bypassed or older parameters are used.”

SmartStart for Proficy Change Management combines the full-featured software and a rapid engagement model to rapidly automate and improve change management processes.