Switch Detects Fly Ash Levels

Feb. 8, 2010

Hawk Measurement introduces the Gladiator Admittance switch product line for a reliable solution to the problem of detecting fly ash levels.

Hawk Measurement has recently introduced the Gladiator Admittance switch product line, which solves the problem of detecting fly ash levels and eliminates the need for regulatory, safety and administrative concerns when using radiometric (gamma/nuclear) devices.

Application Problem:

There is a need in the power industry to measure the bin level inside fly ash hoppers under an electrostatic precipitator. Traditional capacitance devices provide a lower cost alternative with limited success. The low dielectric constant of fly ash and the temperature extremes makes a reliable setting for a traditional capacitance probe difficult.

Hawk Measurement's Solution:

The Gladiator Admittance series extends the performance of capacitance and RF probes through the use of an extremely stable oscillator core which exhibits almost no drift with process temperature changes. High stability allows for increased sensitivity when setting switch points which greatly improves the ability to reliably detect products having lower dielectric constants. High temperature ceramic insulation, that withstands temperatures up to 450ºC/842ºF, is used in development of the Gladiator heavy duty probe for fly ash applications. The rugged 36mm stainless steel sensing element will withstand heavy impact loads without bending or damage. Lighter duty versions and Teflon insulated versions are also available for less demanding process conditions.