Bi-Directional Low-Range Differential Pressure Gauges Are Available

July 1, 2010
Mid-West Instrument introduces the series 6000 family of low-range differential pressure gauges. DP ranges are available from 0-0.25” H2O to 0-20 PSID. Bi-directional models are available in 0.25-0-0.25” H2O to 15-0-15” H2O. SWP is (-20”Hg) to 15 PSIG with a 35 PSIG rating for 0-10, 0-15 and 0-20 PSIDRanges. Temperature limits are -20º to 140 ºF (-7 º to 80 ºC). Accuracy ranges from ± 2-4% depending on the DP Range. Materials of construction are aluminum housing, acrylic lens and silicone diaphragm. Primary applications include monitoring fan and blower pressure, filter pressure drop,  furnace draft, flow measuring in conjunction with orifice plates or averaging pitot tubes, and clean room DP.