Batch Controller Offers Manual Or Automated Operation

Dec. 5, 2011
IND780batch is designed for single or multi-scale applications.

Mettler Toledo introduces the IND780batch standalone batch controller, providing advanced batching control technology while adhering to the ISA SP-88 Batch Standard. Suited for single- or multi-scale batching applications, the IND780batch offers both manual (materials added by hand) batch operation or fully-automated (machine controlled) batching control.

Variables are reduced with manual material formulation, while users can control manual processes with recipe management and the ability to handle 999 materials. Tolerance checking, operator prompting and material identification (via barcode input) also help guide the operator through each batch.

Multi-material automatic batching control handles up to 28 automatic materials with recipe-specific control, including conditional control tasks, go-to commands, recipe rescaling, timing functions, and control of discrete inputs and outputs to allow interaction with other equipment. In addition to track-and-trace functionality, the IND780batch also provides PC software for recipe management, order management, and historical reporting.