Communication Interface Enables Data Exchange

Jan. 28, 2012
Data can be exchanged between the I/A series distributed control system and third-party devices.
Invensys Operations Management offers the Foxboro I/A Series Fieldbus Module (FBM) 229, a DeviceNet Communication Interface module that enables data to be exchanged between I/A series distributed control system and third-party devices such as motor controls, variable speed drives and remote discreet I/O. 
In addition to providing a consolidated environment for customers to control and monitor their assets in one collaborative view, the system offers interoperability with multiple device and protocol types from multiple vendors. Users also can maintain device and vendor preferences.   
Other features include native integration between DeviceNet devices and Foxboro I/A Series systems; template-based standards enforcement and reusable designs; configuration parameters inherited from device templates; support for all communication types and messages; and the ability to accommodate user choice of instrumentation.