Intelligence Software Supports Mobile Browsers

Jan. 30, 2012
New version offers data-source-specific aggregation and multiple source calculations.

Invensys Operations Management has released a new version of its Wonderware Intelligence software. The new version 1.5 features pre-defined enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) content for the company’s Wonderware MES/Performance, Wonderware InBatch, ArchestrA System Platform and SimSci-Esscor ROMeo 6.0 software solutions.

The new version offers data-source-specific aggregation and multiple source calculations; automatic data source generation in the analytics client for use in chart displays; and a new OSI PI Server native adapter for faster access to OSI PI data. It also includes a new dashboard web server that features enhanced support for mobile browser applications, including Safari (used on iPhones and iPads) and a touch-optimized iPad app.

In addition to connecting, collecting, aggregating and contextualizing metrics in near real time across multiple sources, business unit operations and management-level plant and line performance can be compared with unified operational KPIs to leverage the best practices of high-performing plants and to identify unused potential in production capacity, or to improve operational decision making.

Features also include connectivity to many Wonderware and non-Wonderware data sources, user-friendly analysis tools that provide web-based, self-service views of the dashboard extended to mobile devices; configurable services for metrics and KPI data collection, aggregation and contextualization; and integration to ArchestrA System Platform.