Switch Measures Bulk Material Levels

March 15, 2012
New series features rotating measuring vane driven by a brushless synchronous motor.

Dwyer Instruments’ Proximity Division has released its new series of PLS2 paddle level switch, an electromechanical level switch designed for level monitoring of bulk materials. The Series PLS2 paddle level switch is designed with the industry standard 1¼-inch male NPT connection and the unit can be side or top mounted.

The new series features a rotating measuring vane, which is driven by a brushless synchronous motor at 1 rpm. As product builds, up the paddle rotation is impeded and the resulting motor torque activates the output switch and stops the motor. A spring mechanism reactivates the motor and returns the switch to normal state when material no longer impedes paddle rotation. A torque adjusting mechanism eliminates the need for different sized paddles.