pH Electrode Features Glass Membrane

April 25, 2012
Unit is designed for the requirements of the chlor-alkali industry.

Mettler Toledo Process Analytics has launched the InPro 4850i, a pH electrode designed for the requirements of the chlor-alkali industry. The InPro 4850i features a sodium-sensitive glass membrane that uses the brine present in chlorine production as a reference. The hermetically sealed reference provides a barrier against oxidizing agents.

The InPro 4850i does not have a diaphragm, which prevents poisoning of the electrode's sodium reference system, ensures stable measurement, and eliminates sensor drift. The electrode's high quality pH-sensitive glass membrane is extremely resistant to chlor-alkali process conditions, enabling precise pH measurement.

In addition, Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology converts analog measurement signal into a low-impedance digital signal, which is immune to electrical interference and ensures signal integrity and stability. ISM technology also includes sensor self-diagnostics, pre-calibration of sensors, and “plug and measure” start up.