Wireless Adapter Withstands Explosion

May 30, 2012
XP model completes company’s family of WirelessHART-enabled products.
MACTek has released the new FM-certified XP model of its Bullet WirelessHART adapter, a universal communication device used with both analog and HART-enabled devices. The XP (explosion proof) model completes the company’s family of WirelessHART-enabled products, adding to its existing general purpose (GP) and intrinsically safe (IS) models. 
Communicating process variables and other valuable information to the control room without wires, the Bullet enables existing wired HART field devices from any supplier to communicate with host applications by means of WirelessHART technology. It is installed permanently by wiring it directly to a standard HART field device, or connecting it anywhere on the 4-20mA current loop. 
A wired HART field device retrofitted with the Bullet communicates its analog process variable over the existing wiring to the existing DCS with no wiring change. The Bullet simultaneously communicates the digital PV and device diagnostic information over the WirelessHART network.