Pressure Switches Offer Adjustable/Fixed Hysteresis

May 31, 2012
Switches have programmable on/off set point and compact construction.
Omega Engineering introduces the PSW14 series of electronic pressure switches, which feature either a single switch with adjustable hysteresis or a dual switch with fixed hysteresis. This CE-compliant product has a programmable on/off set point and its compact construction makes it suited for OEM applications in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, the automobile industry, lubricant monitoring and industrial control.
Featuring compact construction and a housing that rotates 320 degrees, the PSW14 series includes a sensor element with a piezoresistive silicon or ceramic measuring cell. Temperature ranges are 25 below zero to 100 degrees Celsius for media, 25 degrees below zero to 80 degrees Celsius for electronics, and 30 degrees below zero to 8 degrees Celsius for storage.