Process Automation System Designed to Improved Operational Insight and Integrity

Sept. 19, 2013
System features advanced roles-based tools, extra processing power and safety-system integration.

Invensys unveiled its next-generation process automation system. With advanced tools and applications delivered across a high-speed, fault-tolerant and cyber-secure hardware platform, including the integration of the company’s Triconex safety system, the Foxboro Evo process automation system was designed to improve operational insight and integrity.

The Foxboro Evo process automation system has evolved directly from Foxboro I/A series and Triconex technology. The system extends this approach through a component, object-based platform, which can undergo major upgrades without halting operations.

The Foxboro Evo system includes a new high-speed controller, field device management tools, a maintenance response center, an enterprise historian, 1-n redundancy and cyber security hardening.

Current Foxboro I/A Series DCS users can migrate to the Foxboro Evo system with little or no downtime, depending on which version they are running. Users of competing process automation systems, whose wiring terminations are still functional, can migrate to the Foxboro Evo system without ripping and replacing infrastructure.