NIR Process Analyzer Monitors Up to 20 Process Points Simultaneously

Sept. 26, 2013
Analyzer was designed for real-time online process monitoring.

LT Industries has released a near infrared (NIR) process analyzer designed to meet the needs of chemical plants worldwide. The IsoChem chemical process analyzer draws on LT Industries’ experience developing control measurement solutions for the chemical industry.  It was designed for real-time online process monitoring, with high temperature/pressure probes and protective enclosures where required.  

It can measure several key properties including concentrations, reaction progress, moisture, viscosity, hydroxyl number, catalysts, pH and more. The new product has improved sensitivity, which has expanded the measurements that LT-NIR can perform.

Up to 20 process points can be monitored simultaneously and integrated into existing control systems via standard communication protocols such as Modbus, 4-20mA, RS485, etc.  Included with each analyzer are software modules for easy integration and result reporting.

Online NIR analysis is used to monitor and control key chemical usage, optimize residence time, inspect quality and make real-time adjustments to changing process conditions. Portable, bench-top analyzers are also available from LT-NIR to perform at line or laboratory analysis of raw materials, intermediaries and final products.