Stick Type Transmitter is Suitable for Harsh, Hazardous Environments

Nov. 22, 2013
Unit features 815PT has circuitry protected by a 316SS housing.

SOR Inc. introduces the new 815PT Smart Pressure Transmitter.  The 815PT is a stick form-factor smart pressure transmitter that is compact, rugged and explosion proof rated. It is suitable for hazardous locations and hostile environments.  It is the newest addition to the 800 series of pressure devices which also includes the 805PT and 805QS.

The 815PT has circuitry protected by a 316SS housing with 316SST and 17-4SST wetted-parts and has hermetically sealed flying leads.  The 815PT gives oil and gas field operators, pipeline operators and plant operators with proper control and monitoring capability to protect equipment, people and the environment. For a minimal cost, operators can improve asset management and increase process uptime with the 815PT.