Visualization and Operations Management Software Includes Enhancements for Oil/Gas Industry

Jan. 12, 2014
Architecture can scale from small deployments of 100 points to more than 1 million points.

Yokogawa Electric Corp. announces release 10 of FAST/TOOLS – the latest version of a web-based real-time operations management and visualization software package. Originally developed in 1978 for a large gas collection, processing and distribution system in the Netherlands, FAST/TOOLS has evolved from SCADA and HMI software to an enterprise-wide solution.

FAST/TOOLS architecture can scale from small deployments of 100 points to more than 1 million points. Information model (process hierarchy) items (tags) can be segmented in up to 128 levels and 255 characters to better match enterprise topologies and naming conventions. In addition, new RDBMS interfaces to the enterprise environment allow seamless bidirectional use of traditional database-based information within FAST/TOOLS environment and process data within database environment.

The software package also includes wireless mobility solution enhancements to extend FAST/TOOLS support to portable touchscreen devices through HTML5-based displays that include process visualization, reporting and trending.

It also features enhanced ProSafe-RS support for upstream oil and gas applications, where it is now possible to support gas flow rate calculation functions in the ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system and reporting and data retaining capabilities in FAST/TOOLS.