Submersible Pressure Transducer is Available with Modbus, 0-5 VDC, MV/V

Jan. 13, 2014
Pressure transducers are available in a completely sealed version to prevent gases from entering through the vent tube.

PT-500 submersible pressure transducers from Automation Products Group Inc. (APG) are now available with additional output, cabling, cage, vent cap and installation options. In addition to a 4-20 mA output, the PT-500 is now available with Modbus, as well as 0-5 VDC and mV/V. This enables users to select the output that fits their needs.

Additionally, a new Hytrel cable option gives users the ability to use a submersible pressure sensor in challenging environments, such as diesel tanks. With the PT-500, users can also choose between a traditional cage or a removable cage that can be reused on a new sensor if the need should arise. 

In particularly harsh environments, gases can enter a typical submersible pressure sensor through the vent tube and quickly destroy it. PT-500 pressure transducers are available in a completely sealed version to solve this problem.

For users who want to lower the sensor into the tank, a strain relief can be provided on the back of the sensor. For users who prefer to use conduit to install the sensor, the PT-500 can be configured with a half-inch NPT male conduit thread on the end of the sensor.

Additionally, the PT-500 is built with laser welds, includes temperature compensation, comes with a Class 1 division 1 intrinsically safe certification and features integrated lightning protection.