Software Reduces Fieldbus Device Commissioning Time Up to 80 Percent

April 16, 2014
Project with Shell leads to new bulk-commissioning tool in AMS suite.

Emerson Process Management’s AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager is now capable of commissioning Foundation fieldbus devices faster with the new version 12.5 software. Users can bring devices online with the features, options and alerts they select in less time. With AMS Suite’s new functionality, Emerson anticipates reduced commissioning time on smart devices by almost 80 percent compared to existing work practices. In addition to faster start-up, users can now make online changes to many devices simultaneously.

Emerson worked with Shell to develop a more efficient configuration solution for Shell’s Prelude floating natural gas production vessel project. With more than 5,000 Foundation fieldbus devices at the Prelude site, Shell was concerned about the time it would take to complete commissioning tasks, according to Emerson. Configuring a single device may take up to 60 minutes. Then configuration for each individual device must be verified.

Shell expects to reduce commissioning time and loop testing for Foundation fieldbus devices by 10,000 to 20,000 man-hours for mid-size to large projects with this new functionality, said Rong Gul, Shell’s corporate subject matter expert on smart instrumentation and instrument asset management. 

The AMS Device Manager User Configurations tool enables users to standardize asset configuration and eliminate configuration errors. Users have the option to apply configuration templates to device placeholders or live devices. The devices can be commissioned one-by-one as field engineers are wiring the segments or automatically in groups. Built-in reporting allows users to quickly validate that parameters have been applied correctly.