GE Introduces Proficy Historian IPC

May 21, 2014
GE Introduces Proficy Historian IPC.

GE Intelligent Platforms announced Proficy Historian, an integrated data collection and analytics appliance that delivers quick time-to-value for collecting real-time production and process information by simplifying purchase and installation. The high-performance IPC platform enables numerous data collection tags on a rugged form factor small enough to install with machine controls in harsh environments. Proficy Historian’s patented compression algorithms enable greater volumes of data to be stored on the IPC’s hard drive than competitive data historians, without sacrificing the data’s integrity.

Proficy Historian IPC scales to meet a broad range of applications, since it has capacity for 100 to 5000 data collection points on a single compact device. Data collection needs exceeding 5000 points can be met by implementing multiple Proficy Historian IPCs connected via a wide area network (WAN) in a distributed data historian configuration, or forwarding to plant or central historian.

GE Intelligent Platforms’ powerful RXi XP is preinstalled with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, Proficy Historian software, and all necessary drivers. The IPC’s smaller, ruggedized design allows Proficy Historian IPC to be installed with the machine controls to save space and reduce wiring complexity, putting power at the point of control. The industrial grade components and fanless operation minimizes maintenance needs, extending the life span of the machine.

COM Express technology is featured in the rugged IPC. Rather than replacing the entire IPC and wiring when the computing power becomes obsolete, the user can exchange the COM Express module for a higher-powered replacement, leaving the rest of the IPC and wiring intact.