PAT Software Features Increased Stability, Analysis

June 18, 2014
Siemens Announces Simatic Sipat version 4.1.

Siemens extended its software range for Process Analytical Technology (PAT) with Simatic Sipat version 4.1. The scalable, modular software solution features a new runtime user interface, increased stability and expanded analysis techniques.

Simatic Sipat lets companies extend their quality assurance activities within the scope of the PAT initiative. With PAT, product development and production process can be monitored and controlled by measuring the critical to quality attributes (CQA) of raw materials, process materials and procedures.

A new dashboard function gives users an overview of all running PAT methods and key parameters. The embedding of the user interface to Simatic PCS 7 and Simatic WinCC allows the user to visualize and control all PAT methods from the existing process control system or SCADA system.

Simatic Sipat 4.1 ensures that the system remains available as much as possible even in the event of plant network faults or temporary process instrument failure, according to the company. After reconnection of the analytical instruments to the network, Sipat recovers all buffered data without requiring manual user intervention. New functions include an OPC data access interface for data capture and updated device analyzer drivers. OPC automation service enables integration with the automation platform. Version 4.1 also includes embedded real-time statistical evaluations and context-dependent data analysis.