Keyence Introduces GT2-P Contact Sensor

May 5, 2015
The GT2-P is the newest addition to Keyence’s high-precision GT2 Series of contact sensors.

Keyence Corporation of America introduces the GT2-P, the latest addition to the company’s precision GT2 Series of contact sensors. The pencil-sized GT2-P uses Keyence’s Scale Shot System, which combines conventional scale and transformer methods to achieve high accuracy throughout its entire range while maintaining absolute positioning. The GT2-P achieves an accuracy of 1 µm, or 0.04 thou.

The GT2-P is designed for extended use, even in harsh environments. Long-lasting linear ball bearings give the GT2-P a detecting durability up to 100 million cycles while maintaining an IP-67G enclosure rating. The GT2-P is resistant to water and oils, expanding its versatility.

Multi-sensor applications are easily set up due to flexible amplifier and communication lineups. Up to five GT2-P heads can be connected to a single amplifier. Up to three amplifiers can be connected to create a system of 15 cooperating heads. Communication units can send data over RS-232, Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus and DeviceNet, among other communication protocols.

The GT2-P Series also includes a new model – the GT2-P air-push type. The air-push type is similar to the standard model, but has a spindle that can be actuated by compressed air. This eliminates complex mounting jigs, which can be expensive and introduce variations in accuracy into a system.