Yaskawa Introduces U1000 Industrial Matrix Drive

May 19, 2015
Yaskawa introduces green drive.

Yaskawa introduces the U1000 Industrial Matrix Drive, featuring low harmonic distortion and full power regeneration in a space-saving design without the need for additional components. Yaskawa’s Matrix technology employs a system of nine bi-directional switches that convert a three-phase AC input voltage directly into a three phase AC output voltage, eliminating the need for a rectifying circuit and DC smoothing circuit.

The U1000 Matrix Drive features:

• Full regeneration

• Low input distortion across a wide load and speed range

• IEEE-519 compliance (<5% THD)

• Eco-mode to achieve near across-the-line THD

• Near unity power factor

• Integrated input fusing providing 100kA SCCR

• Compact design

The U1000 Industrial Matrix drive is available in these voltage and power ranges:

• 240V Class: 10 – 100 HP Normal Duty (7.5 – 75HP Heavy Duty)

• 480V Class: 7.5 – 350 HP Normal Duty (5 – 300HP Heavy Duty)