Mettler Toledo Introduces HC103 Halogen Moisture Analyzer

Feb. 1, 2016
Mettler Toledo’s HC103 halogen moisture analyzer provides moisture content measurements in a matter of minutes.

Mettler Toledo launches its newest halogen moisture analyzer, the HC103. The HC103 measures moisture content in minutes, according to the company. A large color touchscreen, graphical user guidance and real-time drying curve make the HC103 easy to use, even for untrained operators. The compact design saves space and robust construction offers durability.

Operators can access drying methods directly from the home screen with one click. Users add the sample to the weighing pan, tare and press start. As the drying program is running, a real-time drying curve is displayed on the screen to provide an overview of the progress. Operators can see if the measurement is on target and intervene quickly in the production process when necessary.

The HC103 can generate result reports in the form of PDF or CSV files in addition to standard printouts. These can be transferred via the RS232 or USB ports to fulfill documentation and traceability requirements. New drying methods are easily uploaded to the HC103 via the USB port. Mettler Toledo provides a collection of validated drying methods for over 100 different samples.

The metal housing and the flat stainless steel surfaces in the drying chamber make the HC103 easy to clean.