MKS Releases SIMCA-Online 14 Software

Feb. 3, 2016
New generation software provides business-friendly interpretation of multivariate data.

MKS Data Analytics Solutions (formerly MKS Umetrics) releases SIMCA-Online 14. SIMCA-Online 14 provides an ongoing snapshot of manufacturing operations. It helps production managers identify when set parameters change and enables them to fix them before they affect production processes and product quality. 

SIMCA-Online 14 offers drill-down features that analyze deviations with notification alarms to alert the production department of unexpected changes well ahead of failure. Real-time interpretation of production data improves process understanding, maximizes resource efficiency, avoids batch losses and minimizes operational costs, according to the company.

SIMCA-Online 14 has an improved interface with features such as login using Windows credentials through Active Directory integration, single sign-on ability, summaries of all configurations into one view and groupings of continuous data by size and color for easier and faster visual interpretation. A dedicated simplified workflow assists in updating models and keeping track of configurations and project files.

SIMCA-Online 14’s batch evolution OPLS provides improved interpretation of process monitoring and the evolution level process model. An enhanced Control Advisor works with multiple phases for batch evolution models while supporting continuous processes, to provide forecasts and advice on how to improve the outcome of the process.