PureTech Systems Releases PureActiv 12.0

March 14, 2016
PureActiv 12.0 presents a darker color theme for better viewing in control room environments.

PureTech Systems’ PureActiv 12.0 geospatial video management and video analytics software features a new interface with a darker color scheme for viewing in low light situations and for better contrast in brightly lit areas. The update provides enhanced situational awareness in security situations, according to the company. The new color scheme applies to all main application windows including video palette, alarm window and map. It also applies to support functions including camera groups, status windows, server health, alarm cameras and map layer selection windows.

The 12.0 release introduces the ability to partially or fully hide the system menu bar to aid in the reduction of clutter. Use of a new drop down menu permits important end user functions to remain within easy access. PureActiv 12.0 introduces new iconography with redesigned graphics for easy identification and recognition of features and functions. Along with new main menu and drop down menu icons, updated program shortcuts provide a common theme and intuitive graphical tool representations. Updated map and classification icons, used to denote dynamic camera control and show target movement and location, provide standardization and provide quicker target recognition.

The new release also features updated alarms tones, new third party integrations, metadata additions and further enhancements to address challenges in very long-range environments, such as border applications and seaports.