Intertec Introduces All-GRP Enclosure

May 24, 2016
Enclosure eliminates all metal parts.

Intertec introduces an all-GRP enclosure that eliminates all metal parts for housing outdoor equipment operating in extremely corrosive operating conditions. The enclosure is made from GRP - glass reinforced polyester - a material offering intrinsically high resistance against the corrosive media and environmental conditions found in many field protection applications, according to the company.

Metal components on the external surfaces of an enclosure can corrode quickly in aggressive environments such as offshore and coastal plants in oil, gas and chemical, power generation and other processing industries. Intertec's field enclosures are made from GRP, but are typically fitted with a number of metal parts such as hinges, clasps, nuts and bolts, made from 316 stainless steel. However, to meet a request from a customer building instrumentation systems for emissions monitoring in a petrochemical refinery, an application that can be exposed to extremely corrosive atmospheres, Intertec developed a version of its Multibox outdoor enclosure with nuts, bolts, clasps, hinges and other accessories fabricated entirely from GRP.

Intertec's Multibox is a two-part, oblong-shaped enclosure that can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It has a deep and shallow section for further versatility of equipment mounting and access, and either of the sections can be used as the door. There are nine standard sizes available providing instrumentation and control engineers with a range of volumes from 25 to 277 liters (0.88 to 9.78 cubic feet). The two enclosure pieces can be fitted with hinges and clasps, or left separate and joined together using only clasps.

Intertec manufactures its enclosures using high-performance GRP. The GRP sheet material has a very high thermal resistance compared to metal, with an efficiency that is reportedly over 1,000 times better. Intertec's GRP is produced using long-fibre glass strands which makes it almost as strong as stainless steel, yet around 75% lighter, according to the company.