Krohne H250 Variable Area Flowmeter Combines Flow Measurement And Communication

July 31, 2017
The H250/M40 is suited for measuring corrosion, scale, hydrate-inhibitors, demulsifiers and methanol.

Khrone, Inc., introduces the H250 Variable Area Flowmeter with M40 Indicator, which combines flow measurement with the latest communication capabilities like Foundation Fieldbus. The H250/M40 is suited for flow measurement applications in the oil and gas industries when costs and reliability are a factor.

Krohne H250 Variable Area Flowmeters feature a flanged size range from 1⁄2” to 6”. The H250 combined with the M40 Indicator is suited for measuring corrosion, scale, hydrate-inhibitors, demulsifiers, methanol, MEG, fuel gas and nitrogen.

The flowmeter’s sturdy all-metal design ensures high resistance to pressure, temperature and media and stands up to extreme application and environmental conditions, according to Krohne. The product’s construction allows end users a free choice of intrinsically safe or flameproof design. The M40 Indicator offers simple, low-cost installation and is capable of measuring and displaying without an auxiliary power supply.

The H250/M40 gives end users a broad choice of outputs and display options and is available with an optional protective coating of the measuring tube and/or housing for offshore applications.