Endress+Hauser Updates PMP71 Pressure Transmitter

Dec. 7, 2017
The PMP71 consumes less power in operation, making it suitable for solar- or battery-powered applications, such as remote wellheads.

Endress+Hauser adds a 1-5 VDC low power output option to the PMP71 pressure transmitter that draws 17 milliwatts of power at 9V, according to the company. The low-power draw makes the PMP71 suited for battery- and solar-powered applications, such as remote oil and gas wellheads, offshore platforms or pumping stations where low power consumption is critical.

The PMP71 measures absolute and gauge pressure of gas, steam or liquid and has built-in algorithms to calculate level, volume and mass of liquids. Measuring spans are available in ranges from -6 to +6 psi up to -15 to 10,500 psi. For safe operation at process temperatures up to 752°F, it has a piezo resistive measuring cell and metallic welded process isolating diaphragm.

The PMP71 has ATEX, FM, CSA, NEPSI, IECEx approvals and is suitable for use in up to SIL3 hazardous applications. The voltage output version is available with the CSA C/US XP approval in North America.