Hawk Measurement OptioLaser 200 Series Provides Reliable Distance And Level Meaurements

Dec. 26, 2017
Hawk Measurement introduces the OptioLaser 200 Series with infrared 905 nanometers laser technology.

Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK) debuts the new OptioLaser distance/level sensor. The OptioLaser S200 can be used for blocked chute detection, barrier detection, machine detection, stock pile monitoring and point level measurement. Providing reliable, accurate distance and level measurements across numerous industries, it incorporates a sophisticated infrared 905 nanometers time-of-flight laser technology.

The OptioLaser S200 Series uses an infrared semiconductor, GaAs laser diode. A light energy wavelength of approximately 905 nanometers, with a beam divergence of 3 milliradians (equal to 3’ at 1000’), travels to the material being measured. Any solid or liquid target in its path will reflect back a certain percentage of the emitted energy. The OptioLaser calculates the distance, based on the transit time the laser pulse travels to the material and back. The Optiolaser can measure to most targets within its specified range, even penetrating dust and fog.

Product benefits include:

• Fully automated plant systems with reliable level monitoring

• Instant warning of level and position detection

• No moving parts needing

• Reduced site operational costs with improved process control

• Non-contact measurement up to 5,249ft (1,600 m), for natural materials

• No calibration needed