Siemens Releases TIA Portal V15

March 23, 2018
TIA Portal V15 applications are enhanced with high-level language programming, and integration of additional drive systems and handling functions.

The new version of Siemens TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Portal V15 engineering framework is available, with an emphasis on applications, enhancements within the digitalization portfolio and more functionality. The components of the TIA Portal framework, STEP 7 for PLCs, WinCC for HMIs, StartDrive for Drives and Safety are available for delivery or trial download.  Diagnostics, simulation, library functionality, security and intellectual property protection are included and provided within the base installation standard.

The expansion of the new multifunctional platform in the portfolio of Simatic S7-1500 Advanced Controllers now enables high-level language applications to be created and reused with C/C++ and commercial programming tools, such as Eclipse. The integration of the Sinamics S120 and other drive families now enables the complete Siemens drive technology to be configured, commissioned and diagnosed in the TIA Portal.

Another new feature is a wizard-guided safety acceptance test for the Sinamics G drive family. In conjunction with new technology CPUs for the Simatic S7-1500 Advanced Controller, handling functions with 2D to 4D kinematics can now be easily and efficiently programmed, simulated and commissioned in the TIA Portal – for example Cartesian gantries, roll pickers, Scara robots and Delta pickers. Robot functions are also available in the TIA Portal V15. Robot manufacturers, such as Kuka and Yaskawa, have already made block libraries available for programming robots in the TIA Portal. Other manufacturers, such as Denso and Stäubli, are also planning to release block libraries in the near future.

The expansion of the digitalization portfolio for the TIA Portal V15 concentrates on OPC UA functionalities and virtual commissioning. The OPC UA functionalities have been extended for the Simatic S7-1500 Advanced Controller. This improves and simplifies the standardized vertical and horizontal communication between machines and devices in the plant and the MES/Scada/IT level (Manufacturing Execution System/Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). This also enables automation solutions to be implemented in accordance with industry-specific standards, such as OMAC PackML (Organization for Machine Automation and Control).