Rockwell Automation Expands FactoryTalk Analytics

Nov. 26, 2018
Rockwell Automation simplifies analytics for industrial productivity.

Rockwell Automation expands the FactoryTalk Analytics portfolio, an advanced analytics environment that reportedly lets users quickly and confidently make informed decisions. The latest advancements were developed to reduce the complexity of the operations environment for manufacturers and producers and their employees who are driving operations. 

FactoryTalk Analytics is developed for scale, discovering and connecting data sources from the edge of the network up through the enterprise, and then intelligently fusing the information to resolve issues close to the source, according to the company. At the edge or the device, this can reportedly result in near-immediate resolution of production issues. Using machine learning capabilities, FactoryTalk Analytics learns the process and looks for trends in the data, proactively presenting users with insights before an issue arises.

FactoryTalk Analytics features internet-like search capabilities of production data as well as self-serve drill-downs, allowing the user to make data-driven decisions quickly. The Microsoft Azure cloud is the preferred platform for FactoryTalk Analytics.

Rockwell Automation executed several customer pilots before the official release of FactoryTalk Analytics, according to the company. Originally piloted as “Project Scio” last November, FactoryTalk Analytics is now available globally.