Viatran Introduces X4B Series Transducers And Transmitters

July 22, 2019
High pressure ranges are now available for X4B Series transducers and transmitters.

Viatran responds to the challenging demands of high-pressure oil and gas, industrial and test applications with the addition of 0-20,000 psi and 0-30,000 psi ranges to the X4B series.

Features of the Model X4B Series include:

  • All stainless construction
  • Small size and weight
  • High accuracy (≤ ± 0.25% FSO Best Fit Straight Line)
  • Improved linearity options (± 0.15% or ± 0.10% FSO available)
  • Isolated shunt calibration option
  • Zero adjustment option
  • Model 24B transducer with a 0-5 Vdc output
  • Model 34B transmitter with a 4-20 mA output

The Viatran X4B series are reliable and versatile pressure transducers and transmitters, according to the company. The stainless-steel construction, small size, and weight along with high accuracy make them suitable for many applications. To maintain performance and ensure immunity in electrically noisy environments, both mechanical and electrical designs are optimized for EMI handling. Typical applications include component testing, high-pressure flow iron testing, jet engine test stands, rocket engine thrust tests, iron bird testing, high-pressure pumps and hydraulic systems.