Endress+Hauser Releases Digital Commissioning Application

Sept. 22, 2020
Endress+Hauser expands digital service experience for projects.

Endress+Hauser expands end users’ digital experience on instrument projects with the release of their digital commissioning application and Netilion projects digital turnover package. These new capabilities empower the plant startup team to mitigate project risks while staying on time and budget, and to track progress in real time, according to the company.

The digital service experience enables users to digitize projects for efficiency, eliminating time consuming manual coding and progress reports. Users are able to see project work progress across the field devices startup phases in real-time and can flag any potential issues on the commissioning app. Visibility to issues enables users to reallocate resources to keep the project on time. The web-based application workflow is tailor built to field technician and project manager user’s needs for greater productivity. 

Instead of manual loop folders, documentation is generated digitally and stored in the Netilion Library digital service application. This paperless storage eliminates manual retrieval to facilitate development of a turnover package complying with project deliverable requirements.

Netilion Library helps users organize asset records, drawings, pictures, files and turnover package documents. It is a file sharing and data management service for the complete life cycle of an instrument. This saves time when carrying out maintenance or engineering activities since the often-tedious search for information is eliminated.

Project benefits include:

•      Real time visibility and insights of work progress, issues and completion

•      Efficient project setup, automatic data sheet, tag lists and template uploads for improved work planning

•      Collaborative, dynamic digital guide for work process execution

•      Intuitive, easy app for all techs and supervisors to learn, use and enjoy

•      Evergreen digital turnover package powered by Netilion IIoT connected services