SignalFire’s Pressure Ranger Transmitter Connects Pressure Data To Cloud

Oct. 8, 2020
Transmitter provides plug and play, instant connectivity of pressure sensor data to the cloud over cellular networks.

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry, maker of industrial wireless telemetry products, introduces the Pressure Ranger, an LTE-M cellular pressure transmitter that provides plug and play, instant connectivity of pressure sensor data to the cloud over cellular networks.  Serving as a component of a SignalFire cloud-based telemetry offering, the IoT cellular transmitter brings pressure data to the cloud for remote monitoring, control and alarming of assets from any web browser, including mobile devices.  In addition to operating on the SignalFire cloud, the Pressure Ranger utilizes MQTT/Sparkplug communications to integrate into third-party hosts.

Utilizing an integrated pressure sensor available in a variety of standard pressure ranges, the Pressure Ranger features a built-in GPS receiver that reports location of devices to the cloud, providing a map of all connected assets. The low power sensor allows for rapid data collection and report on exception. In addition, the cellular transmitter reports max, min, average and instantaneous pressure. Certified for use in Class 1, Division 2 environments, the Pressure Ranger can operate in challenging environments, offering a safer alternative to local operators. 

The Pressure Ranger offers and easy set-up with the least amount of hardware. Plug and play, the transmitter needs no programming or hardware for a do-it-yourself experience. The Pressure Ranger communicates directly to the 4G network, without a gateway. It is powered with an internal battery pack and comes packaged in a weatherproof housing.  The Pressure Ranger’s internal battery pack can operate both the sensor and radio for years depending on the update rate and pressure sample interval. The cellular transmitter comes complete with a web and mobile-friendly SignalFire cloud interface, which allows users to remotely monitor assets, view trends and receive alarms either by text or email.

Utilizing the MQTT Sparkplug protocol allows for easy integration with private cloud or SCADA platforms that support this emerging standard. The data from the Pressure Ranger will populate data “tags” in the SCADA system allowing the operator to access the sensor data and control of the Pressure Ranger’s settings.