Clariant Partners With Floreon To Advance Biopolymers

March 23, 2020
Clariant and Floreon announce collaboration to expand high-performance biopolymer applications to additional markets.

Clariant’s additives business and Floreon Transforming Packaging Limited will work together to further extend the performance properties and market potential of biopolymers while preserving their environmental benefits, according to Clariant. By integrating the benefits of Clariant’s additives with Floreon’s proprietary material solutions, the collaboration aims to open up additional possibilities for plastic manufacturers and brand owners to consider biopolymers as a viable, low carbon footprint alternative to fossil-based plastics for both single-use and durable applications. Markets set to benefit from the new enhanced grades reportedly include rigid and flexible packaging, electrical and electronic equipment (E&E), hygiene products, consumer goods and automotive.

Floreon develops and markets proprietary compounds based on PLA and containing 70-90% renewable, plant-based raw materials, containing carbon sequestered from the atmosphere by plants. They are typically mechanically tougher than traditional PLA and can deliver significant energy savings in processing, according to Clariant. Floreon compounds are recyclable and can also be composted via industrial composting. Floreon’s materials are viable for applications where, at this stage, contamination with food waste and organic matter make mechanical recycling unfeasible.

Clariant’s portfolio of sustainable additives includes a wide range of bio-based additives. Introduced at the K 2019 Plastics Trade Fair under the Exolit OP Terra, Licocene Terra and Licocare RBW Vita trade names, they reportedly help to reduce fossil resource intensity and enable more sustainable material choices. Clariant’s experts will support the Floreon development team to enhance the performance possibilities and processing characteristics of bioplastics.

Potential benefits include achieving less energy use and faster cycle times by increasing the processing efficiency or adding completely new properties to the material. Product manufacturers can tailor compounds to suit specific processing technologies and applications, including in some cases those where bioplastics have so far not been able to meet the challenges of demanding conditions or environments.

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