Perstorp Launches 2-EH Based On 25% Renewables

June 24, 2022
Perstorp introduces what it terms “the world’s first 2-Ethylhexanol partly based on renewables.”

Specialty chemicals company Perstorp introduces 2-ethylhexanol based on 25% renewable raw material according to a traceable mass balance concept. 2-EH Pro 25 is designed to reduce the carbon footprint throughout the value chain where it is used to support sustainable sourcing of renewable and recycled raw materials. It is the latest addition to Perstorp’s ISCC PLUS-certified portfolio of Pro-Environment products, according to the company.

Perstorp says the new product grade is the world’s first 2-EH partly based on renewable raw materials. 2-EH is widely used in the production of plasticizers in flexible vinyl applications, acrylates, lubrication oil additives and as a main ingredient in cetane enhancers for diesel fuel. With 2-EH Pro 25, there is now a more sustainable alternative available. Perstorp’s Pro-Environment Oxo portfolio includes acids, plasticizers and alcohols.

Based on a mass balance concept applying chemical and physical traceability, Pro-Environment products are chemically identical to their fossil-based counterparts, offering the same quality without trade-off in performance, according to the company. The difference lies in the origin of the raw materials, being renewable or recycled instead of virgin fossil based. 2-EH Pro 25 reportedly can be considered a drop-in replacement, ready to be used in existing formulations.

All of Perstorp’s Pro-Environment products reportedly are certified according to the sustainability certification system ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification).

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