Falkonry Launches Workbench And Analyzer AI Offerings

April 23, 2020
Falkonry Workbench provides customers with a rapid model building tool while Falkonry Analyzer enables models to be deployed on premises, at the edge or in the cloud.

Falkonry, Inc. launches two new operational AI product offerings – Falkonry Workbench and Falkonry Analyzer. With a simple user subscription, Falkonry Workbench enables customers to rapidly analyze large amounts of data and cost effectively build predictive models that solve production problems. Falkonry Analyzer features a unique “pay as you deploy” subscription that lets customers economically scale the deployment of these models either on-premises, at the edge or in the cloud. 

Falkonry incorporates key automation capabilities for data preparation and model evaluation into its newest release. For example, Falkonry Workbench substantially cuts down on the traditional data manipulation effort required prior to any AI development by directly importing data files and also simplifying tedious tasks such as organizing and renaming signals or dealing with missing information. In addition, its ability to auto-scale idle cloud resources on demand has enabled customers to achieve up to 50% reduction in typical operating costs, according to the company. 

Falkonry Workbench leverages select capabilities from Falkonry’s flagship Falkonry LRS product, along with several new enhancements. enables users to:

  • Perform forensic analysis on historical data
  • Analyze root cause of past conditions
  • Build warning models for predicting failures
  • Build classification models for quality control

Falkonry Analyzer replaces Falkonry’s Edge Analyzer with expanded capabilities that now enable predictive models to be deployed as portable self-contained engines. Depending on the application, a single analyzer could be deployed to monitor multiple similar assets or systems. Falkonry Analyzer extends Falkonry Workbench capabilities by enabling users to:

  • Export a model developed in Falkonry Workbench, as an analyzer for real-time monitoring of live data streams
  • Deploy analyzers as a standalone in edge gateways (with no connectivity to Falkonry Workbench) or within the cloud (as an add on to Falkonry Workbench)